New Year – New Slimmer Dog

Make your dog’s New Year’s resolution (to lose a few pounds) come true!


Vicky Marshall, author of the Lucky Dog Weight Loss Plan explains how your dog can lose weight quickly, safely and without feeling hungry.

As you consider what New Year’s resolutions to make for yourself, spare a thought for your four-legged family members. In particular, is there a dog in your life who would like to lose a few pounds? If so, he or she is by no means alone.

According to the Pet Food Manufacturers Association, almost half the dogs in the UK are struggling with weight issues.

The good news, however, is that the transformation from portly pooch to dapper dog can be achieved quickly and effortlessly by a simple change of food.

Of course, too many brandy snaps and too few walks don’t help. But the main reason why the majority of dogs suffer from weight problems is the type of food they are being fed.

Modern dog food is high in simple carbohydrate, low in protein and full of harmful fats – a formula that virtually guarantees weight gain.

Thankfully, though, the effects of modern dog food are quickly reversed. All you have to do is switch to a more traditional, more natural diet. The same sort of diet, in fact, that our great-grandparents fed to their dogs.

Perhaps I should explain at this point that for the last ten years I have been an artisan dog food producer. Through a process of observation and experiment, and backed by the latest research, I have developed a diet that will help any dog battle the bulge.

The Lucky Dog Weight Loss Plan

I call my diet the Lucky Dog Weight Loss Plan and you can read all about it in my new book by the same name and/or I will also be happy to send you a FREE FACT SHEET, which contains lots of advice, recipes and a weekly diet planner.

What makes the dogs who follow the plan so lucky is that the weight falls off them as if by magic (I wish it was as easy for us humans). Dogs love the texture and flavour of the food I recommend and it also leaves them feeling full, which in turn means you won’t have to suffer the imploring looks of a hungry hound.

The Lucky Dog Weight Loss Plan has many other benefits, including:

  1. The food is quick and easy to prepare at home.
  2. The ingredients that can be purchased from your butcher or supermarket.
  3. The diet leads to the loss of fat, rather than muscle mass (much healthier for the dog).
  4. The diet only takes a few weeks to work.
  5. It will improve your dog’s general health and may solve all sorts of other issues such as skin complaints and allergies.
  6. Your dog will not suffer hunger pangs.



The reason why the Lucky Dog Weight Loss Plan is so effective is that it features what scientists call a ‘species appropriate diet’. What does this mean? Every creature on earth needs a specific range of foods to survive and prosper. To offer a couple of well-known examples, giant pandas depend on a diet largely composed of bamboo shoots, while bees depend on nectar. One of the reasons why you don’t see overweight animals in the wild is because they eat a species appropriate diet, which provides them with the precise nutrition they need.

What about dogs? Dogs are carnivores. In the wild, they live on small prey (e.g. rabbits or birds), a share of larger prey (e.g. sheep or deer) and a certain amount of vegetable matter and fruit. They have a ‘waste not, want not’ policy and eat everything, including the bones, from which they derive about a third of their nutritional needs. Thanks to the fact that dogs have strong teeth, powerful stomach acids and a short digestive tract they can eat raw meat and raw bone without any harmful effects whatsoever.

I am not proposing that you start feeding Fifi or Fido prey. What I am suggesting is that you re-create a wild dog diet using domestic ingredients such as minced meat, marrowbones, chicken wings and grated carrot.


I wrote the book The Lucky Dog Weight Loss Plan based on my experience as an artisan raw dog food producer based in Pewsey, Wiltshire. My business (which is called Honey’s Real Dog Food) is still quite small BUT we do now feed several thousand dogs a week and we employ our own health team including two vets, veterinary nurses and nutritionists.

We are happy to offer one-to-one tailored advice free of charge. You will be under no obligation to ever become a customer (although we can supply food if you would like). Just email or call 01672 620260.

As explained above you can also email me for a FREE FACT SHEET, which contains lots of advice, recipes and a weekly diet planner.

Before and After Examples


‘He loved the diet, wasn’t hungry and no one believes he is the same dog.’

Before: 35kg
After: 28kg


‘He is full of energy, has a new (smaller) collar size and is never hungry.’

Before: 11kg
After: 6kg


‘The weight just fell off Pip. I wish it was easy for me.’

Before: 11kg
After: 7kg


‘Loki is so much happier now. What a change the diet has made.’

Before: 42kg
After: 35kg

These are all genuine case histories from our files and real quotes but we have, in a couple of cases, swapped photos for reasons of privacy.